Sunday, August 9, 2009

...Of Pink Boas and Tiaras...

Hi Girls,
When I turn sixty (if I ever do!!!) I am going to do it in style like Mary :))))) Yesterday we hosted a Birthday Afternoon Tea for Mary and her friends and boy, did they do it in style!!!!! We set up the Tea in our (and their) favourite colour - pink, pink and more pink).

Mary's daughter arrived with balloons in guess what colour? You got it - PINK!!!

We added the yummy food - well some of the food. We could only fit so much on the stands and this was one big High Tea - tea sandwiches, cold savouries, hot savouries by the plate load, scones with jam and cream, gorgeous petit fours and of course, mini birthday butterfly cupcakes. I should have taken more photos of the food - it looked scrumptious - but it's hard to cook and take photos!!!!
Then the guests arrived and what a hoot that was. These gorgeous ladies had decked themselves out in all tones of pink - from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads. The "piece de resistance" was the Birthday Girl herself resplendent in hot pink and black with pink party hat enclosed in a tiara and a hot pink feather boa. One of her "older" friends had the BEST pink and white striped stockings - think of the witches in Practical Magic, when they stepped off the roof. They all looked "FANTASTIC" and having already had a glass of champers at home, they were ready to party!!!

They had a ball and so did we serving them - the best group we have ever had. Two quotes of the day:
One..... a lady looked under her cup to see which piece of Royal Albert she had and exclaimed to her friend, "Oh, I'm Lady Carlyle!" Only to be told by her friend (in the striped stockings). "Well, I"M QUEEN ANNE!!!"
And the second...."This is better than The Windsor"!!!!!! That made my day:)))))

Have a Great Week,


shabbydreaming said...

Hey Sue, and what a GORGEOUS place to have a Birthday afternoon tea!! Looks DEVINE and they all look like they are having a ball!!
Take care and have a great week!!

Lucinda Obrien said...

wow! Sue ,it all looks fantastic!And what a great idea for the ladies to dress up.It ceratinly looked like heaps of fun...and I know what you mean about getting around to take photos.Lot's of preparation and then bang it's all over before you know it.(but fun!!)
Thanks for sharing it with us,
take care Lucinda xx