Thursday, September 3, 2009

...No Room for a Princess...

What's a dog to do when every pink frou-frou bed in the house is taken????

Bonnie in one.

Tashi in another.




Sleep on the Computer case, that's what. At least it gets your dilemna noticed!!!!!!!




PHEW!!! I FINALLY got one!!!!!

Miss Daisy has just placed a request for a "PINK" computer case on her Santa list!!!!!

Have a Great Weekend,
Sue and The Princess
PS. Don't feel TOO sorry for Miss Daisy - her usual spot is on one of Glenda's raggy cushions on the sofa!!!!!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What cuties!Such cute FuFu beds! It's amazing what pets will make a bed on...even a computer case! You need a pink computer case cover.~Patti

shabbydreaming said...

AWWWW love em all!!! Please give em a big cuddle from me, as you know Im such a doggie person!!
hope your feeling better!!